FlightMap Data Updates    
      If you are running FlightMap Version 2.3 Beta trial release then to get the latest reference data you should refresh with a new download from this downloads link. FlightMap Version 2.3 Beta has additional airspace reference data that supports its enhanced NOTAM facility.      
  Use the links on this page to find airspace reference files for FlightMap Version 2.2 and waypoint reference files for FlightMap Version 2.2 and Version2.1.

Note that:

  • FlightMap Version 2.2has new airspace facilities that use extended features of the xml definition language. Airspace files are now onlyprovided to work with Version 2.2 and with later versions.
  • The referencefiles here have been prepared using data from the internet and that data may change and may not be up to date. Look at the modified date on each file to see when the data was downloaded from the internet which gives anidea of howcurrent the data might be.
      Please notethat, while care has been exercised during its preparation, this data is unofficial and is provided free of charge with no warrantees expressed or implied. The user is responsible to determine its suitability for any intended purpose and assumes all risk of use. Users should consult official publications for current and correct information. Use is subject tothese conditions.    
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