Flight Recorders  
    FlightMap imports data in the standard format that has been defined by the International Gliding Commission (IGC). Such fileshave a Windows file extension of .igc.

FlightMap has an integrated interface for the EW Windows Uploader that uploads from an EW flight recorder. The wholeprocess can be initiated by a single EW command.

FlightMap hasa direct interface for Volkslogger flight recorders. The whole processcan be initiated by a single Volksloggercommand.

Most other flight recorders are supplied with software that will upload data into .igc files. You may import data from any typeof flight recorder once that data is in this standard .igc format.

There are a number of older formats that are no longer generally used for the creation of new flight data. However you mayhave existing files of such data. FlightMap can import data in a number of such formats.

  PC Configuration    
    FlightMap Version 2.2 runs under Windows XP as the operating software on your PC. The minimum recommended PCconfiguration is:      
    Processor: 1.8 MHz Pentium class processor    
    Memory: 256 MBytes RAM    
    Disk Storage: 150 MBytes available (1)    
    Display: 16M colour display at 800x600 resolution (2)    


150 MBis the disk space to run Setup for the software and the full Great Britain and Ireland chart.You will need to allow further disk space for additional charts – and particularly for the optionalMillennium Map™ plug-in component that requires 1.85 GBytes.    
    (2) TheFlightMap screen layout is designed for a PC display which is configured at 800x600 or at 1024x768but you may also use higher resolutions.