How toOrder FlightMap

Supply will be interrupted during the summerexpedition which is from the 3rd until the 27th July. However, any order placed during this period includes a free upgrade to the forthcoming FlightMap Version 2.3 when that becomes available. This free upgrade offer applies to both thespecial bundles - that are described below - and to the purchase of individual FlightMap licences andplug-in components.

In order to run FlightMap Version 2.2 you need a software licencewhich you obtain when you purchase one of the two software editions:

  • Basic Edition - topographic map of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Europe A Edition - Basic Edition mapplus topographic maps for Austria, France and Iberia

If you have an earlier version of FlightMap, you can install Version 2.2 by purchasing an upgrade. Note that an upgrade to Version 2.2 EuropeA Edition can be applied to any existing edition - Basic or Europe A.

The Millennium Map™ DVD Plug-in Component isan optional addition that can be installed onto any FlightMap Version 2.2 edition. If you want to purchase your first FlightMap edition, or you want to upgrade an existing installation to Version 2.2, then consider purchasinga special FlightMap bundle. These bundle offers include theMillennium Map™ DVD Plug-in Component - together with a FlightMap softwareedition or upgrade - and cost less than buying the items individually.

  • New clients can order the Basic Edition Bundle at the special price of 64-00 and save 15%.
  • Existing licensees can order theBasic Edition Upgrade Bundle at the special price of 46-50 and save 10%.
  • New clients can order theEurope A Edition Bundle at the special price of 72-50 and save 15%.
  • Existing licensees can order theEurope A Edition Upgrade Bundle at the special priceof 50-00 and save 10%.

Order now to take advantage of the special bundle offers!

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