On 30/05/2008 a new National Air Traffic Services (NATS) websitewas introduced at

This is the site that you now need to visit to viewand download Pre-Flight Information Bulletins (PIBs) that contain NOTAMs.

The new site presents PIBs - and their NOTAMS- using a changed format. The NOTAM load facility in FlightMap Version 2.2 has been enhanced to process the new format. If you already have FlightMap Version 2.2, you can refreshthe software module of your installation in order toget the enhanced FlightMap NOTAM load facility.

To refresh your FlightMap Version 2.2, right clickon the link below then select Save Target As. In the Save As dialog, set Save as type to 'Application'.

Fltmap.exe (enhanced software module).

Save the enhanced software module intoa temporary folder on your PC. From there, copy it into your FlightMap installation to replace the existing software module - whichhas the same name. Your existing software module is in the folder where you installed FlightMap - and thatwill be c:\fltmap if you chose the defaultfolder during installation.

Once you have replaced your software module,you can continue to download PIB files andload them into FlightMap for viewing, for including in printed briefingsand for export for loading into WinPilot. These facilities are illustrated in the Airspace part ofthe Guided Tour of FlightMap.

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