FlightMap Version 2.3Introduction

A new release of FlightMap is being developed - and is designated as Version 2.3.

    Update 16/06/2017

The Version 2.3 trial release software has been refreshed with a re-written Windows Help facility, with 2017 reference data and with code to fix problems found during recent testing. Click here for free downloads of the documentation and the refreshed trial release software.


The following are the highlights of Version 2.3.

  • NOTAM Download

Support has been extended to download UK NOTAMs from the internet and to provide more flexible presentation and reporting of thedownloaded NOTAMs.

Click here for sample NOTAM Download screen-shots (added 15/04/2012)

  • Map Presentation Styles

A range of style options allows FlightMap presentation to be customized for viewing on a PC screen, viewing using overhead projection andprinting on a briefing sheet.

Click here for sample backdrop style screen-shots

Click here for sample airspace style screen-shots

Click here for sample waypoint style screen-shots

Click here for sample task style screen-shots (updated 20/05/2011)

Click here for sample task briefing sheets (added 20/05/2011)

Click here for sample flight track style screen-shots (updated 20/05/2011)

  • Google Earth KML

Converts FlightMap flight files into KML files for use with Google Earth. The KML is generated with interpolated points between fixes to smooth the flight track. In addition to the smoothed flight track the KML contains placemarks for the task and annotations forthermalling climbs and for high and low points.

Click here for sample KML screen-shots (GB) (updated 29/05/2011)

Click here for sample KML screen-shots (France) (updated 29/05/2011)

  • Engine Start Analysis

Analyses engine noise levels from an IGC file to determine when an engine starts and runs. A noise level threshold is determined automaticallybut can beoverriden by the user moving a slider against a graph showing engine noise level and altitude. An Engine start can optionally be recognized by task performance analysis and regarded as an outlanding. Engine runs are displayedaspart of the thermals map layer and can be inspected for duration, height gain etc. A new statistics report shows enginestarts and runduration by month - as an aid to completing the glider log book.

Click here for sample Engine Analysis screen-shots

  • Printed Briefing Sheets

The existing briefing sheets - that show maps of planned tasks and NOTAMs - are enhanced with additional topographic layers.

  • Wind Analysis and ASI Estimates

A new wind analysis algorithm finds an increased number of stable flight samples in order to produce more accurate estimates. An extensionof the new algorithm gives more accurate ASI estimates in the instrucment panel windoe.

  • Logbook Reports

Usability has been improved by the retention of report selection parameters - so they do not need to be re-keyed each time - and by an optionto loop backinto report selection from report presentation.