Vista has a new security featurecalled User Access Control which creates a slight barrier to FlightMap remembering that a user has entered a password. With Vista default settings, the user has to enter the password each time that FlightMap is started. However, this chore can be eliminated by authorizing FlightMap to remember the password. The simplest way to do this is to run FlightMap once as an administrator program. Do so by right clicking on the FlightMap icon - e.g. in the start menu - and selecting Run as administrator from the menu that pops up. This procedure is needed only for one run when the password is entered.

Windows Help

Vista does not include the support for traditionalWindows help files as standard - the help that is used by FlightMap and other programs. Vista users have to install the support themselves - which they can do using a free Microsoft download. Go to and search onWinHlp32.exe - then follow the instructions to download and install the help file support. The process is straightforward but contact FlightMap if you have any problems.